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Dolly's Imagination, LLC

Children's imaginations are the best gift. If they can imagine it, they can be it. We desire to encourage children to use their imaginations much like we did when we were younger.  We played outside, sometimes for hours on end. We created our own fun by inventing games and exploring our surroundings. We also found the ability to travel in our minds through reading books. Please take the time to explore our webpages and products.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. We like to hear from our readers! Thank your your interest and support! 

Created, Developed and Written by Lori A. Oswald

Illustrated by Oswald Illustrators

Edited by Kim Brougher

Dolly's Imagination, LLC

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Author questions:     loriaoswald@dollylollylollypop.com

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Phone:  484-663-3787