About the Author

Lori A Oswald

I grew up in the rural town of Fleetwood, located in Pennsylvania. My family lived on a farm, so I played outside every day. As an adult and mother, I instilled playing outside in my daughters. Fresh air, exercise and imagination are very important to me. I continue this mantra when raising my granddaughter.

My first full-time job, as an adult, was in the airline industry. I loved to travel so this provided me with the means to travel for free. I absolutely loved my job! I traveled to many places. I worked with the airline for 14 years. During that time, I got married and had two daughters. In the back of my mind, I've always wanted to write a children's book.

As life progressed, I had a career change, my daughters grew up and a granddaughter was born. Now the urge to write a children's book has reemerged. I had another career change and started writing the Dolly Lolly Lollypop book series. The "Dolly Lolly Lollypop" book series is based on my granddaughter and how we play together. Every book is written about our real lives.

Created, Developed and Written by Lori A. Oswald

Illustrated by Oswald Illustrators

Edited by Kim Brougher

Dolly's Imagination, LLC

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